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Orm Ort Air Uirthi: Understanding This Essential Irish Idiom for Leaving Cert Students

Updated: Feb 17

Irish idioms can be a challenging aspect of the language for Leaving Cert students. One of the most commonly used idioms in Irish is "Orm Ort Air Uirthi," which is often used in everyday conversation. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning and usage of "Orm Ort Air Uirthi," and how Leaving Cert students can incorporate this idiom into their language skills.

What is "Orm Ort Air Uirthi"?

"Orm Ort Air Uirthi" is a common Irish idiom that translates to "on me, on you, on her." The idiom is used to express a sense of shared responsibility or obligation, with each person bearing some level of responsibility for a particular task or action.

Usage of "Orm Ort Air Uirthi"

"Orm Ort Air Uirthi" can be used in a variety of situations where there is a shared responsibility or obligation. Here are some examples of how the idiom can be used:

1. In a Group Project: If three people are working on a group project, and one person is slacking off, another person might say, "Tá orainn ár ngabháil. Orm ort air uirthi." This translates to "We have our responsibility. On me, on you, on her." 2. Sharing a Task: If two people are responsible for completing a task, such as washing the dishes, one person might say, "Tá sé in am dul i ngleic leis an mbruscar. Orm ort air uirthi." This translates to "It's time to deal with the rubbish. On me, on you, on her." 3. Expressing Responsibility: If a person is taking responsibility for something, they might say, "Tá sé ar mo dhroim. Orm orm, ort ort, uirthi uirthi." This translates to "It's on my back. On me, on you, on her."


"Orm Ort Air Uirthi" is a commonly used Irish idiom that expresses shared responsibility or obligation. It is an important aspect of the language for Leaving Cert students to understand and incorporate into their language skills. By practicing the usage of this idiom, students can improve their understanding of Irish language and culture.

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