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Leaving Cert Irish Notes

Leaving Cert Irish Sucess Bundle

Ace your Irish Leaving Certificate Exams with our Comprehensive Notes Bundle. Success Guaranteed! 




5 Star Reviews


Years Experience


What's Included?

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Comprehensive Irish Notes (45+ pages)

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Complete Breakdown & Explanation of the Aural

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List of Common Question Phrases

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Common Words and Phrases

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Lists of Vocabulary from past papers

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Irish Oral Sample Answers Booklet

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Irish Oral Question Booklet

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Irish Grammar Booklet

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Verb endings

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… and so much more!

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Guaranteed learning in every minute!


Elevate your Irish to top-notch performance with the LC Grinds - Leaving Certificate Irish Notes Bundle!


Immerse yourself in our comprehensive 45+ page Irish notes, meticulously crafted to transform you from a novice to a fluency maestro. Our notes have garnered an impressive 150+ FIVE STAR reviews, averaging a stellar 4.8 rating – a testament to their effectiveness and student-centric approach.

Unlock the secrets of Irish success with these exceptional features:
•    Comprehensive Irish Notes: A treasure trove of Irish grammar, vocabulary, and essential exam strategies, meticulously organized for your ease of learning.
•    Demystify the Aural: Our detailed explanation of the aural exam format and frequently asked questions will equip you with the confidence to ace this challenging section.
•    Master the Common Question Phrases: Familiarize yourself with the common question patterns and responses, ensuring you navigate the exam with ease.
•    Expand Your Vocabulary: Embark on a journey of linguistic richness with our extensive lists of vocabulary from past papers, ensuring you're well-versed in the language's nuances.
•    Unleash Your Verbal Prowess: Our Irish Oral Sample Answers and Question Booklets provide a springboard for practicing your conversational skills, leaving you ready to impress the examiners.
•    Dive into the Grammar Sea: Our Irish Grammar Booklet will guide you through the intricacies of Irish grammar, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your exam performance.
•    Master Verb Endings: Master the art of verb conjugations with our detailed guide, ensuring you express your thoughts and ideas with fluency.
And that's not all! Our bundle includes a wealth of additional resources to maximize your learning:
•    Irish Grammar Breakdown: Visualize the rules of Irish grammar with our easy-to-understand breakdown, making complex concepts effortlessly graspable.
•    Practical Tips and Strategies: Embark on a journey of exam preparation with our practical tips and strategies, equipping you with the confidence to tackle any challenge.

Our step-by-step approach ensures that you grasp every aspect of the Irish language and culture, equipping you with the skills and confidence to excel in the Leaving Certificate exams.

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    We offer lessons in pretty much every subject on the Irish school curriculum. Our lessons are offered to students from Junior Certificate to Leaving Certificate.
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