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Leaving Cert Timetable 2024: Key Dates and Times

Updated: Feb 17

State Exams commence on Wednesday, 5th June 2024. Timetables for each of the exams can be found below. Many students, parents, and educators are eagerly awaiting its publication to help streamline their preparation and study plans. Historically, the timetable is often released in the early part of the year.


Leaving cert timetable
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Leaving cert applied timetable
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Key Dates for the 2024 Leaving Certificate Exams

Early June: Start of Written Exams

This is when the majority of students will begin their written exams. State Exams commence on Wednesday, 5th June 2024.

Late June: End of Written Exams

Again, while the exact date can differ slightly, most students will have completed their written exams by the end of June.

Practical and Oral Examinations

Remember that practical and oral exams for certain subjects often take place earlier in the year. Check specific dates for subjects like Music, Home Economics, and language oral tests.

Time Management Tips for the 2024 Exams

Plan Early: Start your revision early. With the timetable now in hand, you have a clear picture of how many days are between each of your exams. Use this to plan your revision.

Breaks are Essential: While it's important to study, remember to take regular breaks. This ensures you don't burn out and can maintain high levels of focus during your revision sessions.

Mock Exams: Try to complete mock exams for practice. Not only does this help with revision, but it also gives you a feel of the real exam situation.

Staying Updated:

To ensure you don't miss out on the timetable once it's released, consider the following:

Official Channels: Keep an eye on the State Examinations Commission (SEC) website and associated official communication channels. This will be the first place the timetable is published.

School Announcements: Schools will typically distribute the timetable to students as soon as it's available. Stay connected with your school's administration or examination office for timely updates.

Bookmark This Blog: We will be updating our blog as soon as the timetable is out. Ensure you check back to get a comprehensive breakdown once it's released.

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