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Leaving Cert Irish Oral - Sláinte na nÓg Seachtain na Sláinte

The "Sláinte na nÓg Seachtain na Sláinte" (Health of Young People, Health Week) section of the Leaving Cert Irish Oral is an opportunity to discuss the importance of health and well-being for young people. This guide will provide you with essential vocabulary, example phrases, and practice tips to confidently discuss health-related topics in Irish.

Watch Our Sláinte na nÓg Seachtain na Sláinte Video Guide!

"Our Sláinte na nÓg Seachtain na Sláinte" video guide walks you through everything you need to know!

Key "Sláinte na nÓg Seachtain na Sláinte" Vocabulary

Health and Well-Being:

  • Sláinte (Health)

  • Folláine (Healthy)

  • Sláinte na nÓg (Health of young people)

Healthy Habits:

  • Ithe bia sláintiúil (Eating healthy food)

  • Ag fadaíl go leor (Getting enough sleep)

  • Ag déanamh aclaíochta (Exercising)

Benefits of Good Health:

  • Tá tú níos fuinniúil (You are more energetic)

  • Tá tú níos sláintiúil (You are healthier)

  • Tá tú níos sásta (You are happier)

Example Phrases

  • "Tá Seachtain na Sláinte ar siúl i mo scoil ar an toirt seo." (Health Week is happening in my school this week.)

  • "Tá sé tábhachtach do dhaoine óga bia sláintiúil a ithe agus go leor codlata a fháil." (It is important for young people to eat healthy food and get enough sleep.)

  • "Is maith liom dul ag siúlóid agus ag imirt peil le mo chairde." (I like to go for walks and play football with my friends.)

Practice Tips

  • Choose Your Focus: Consider whether you want to focus on a specific aspect of health, such as nutrition, exercise, or mental health.

  • Prepare Personal Stories: Share stories about your own experiences with health and well-being, whether it's overcoming a challenge, making a healthy change, or simply enjoying the benefits of good health.

  • Be Positive: Focus on the positive aspects of health and well-being and how they can improve your life.

  • Practice Answering Questions: Think of likely questions like "What are the benefits of good health?" or "What can young people do to stay healthy?" and prepare your answers.

You've Got This!

Discussing "Sláinte na nÓg" during the Leaving Cert Irish Oral exam not only demonstrates your language proficiency but also your awareness and understanding of critical issues affecting youth today. By integrating "Seachtain na Sláinte" into your preparation, you can enrich your responses with current, relevant content that resonates with the examiners and showcases your engagement with important societal themes. Remember, the Irish Oral exam is an opportunity to communicate, connect, and reflect on issues that matter to you and your community, making your preparation for this segment as much about substance as it is about language skills.

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