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Leaving Cert Irish Oral - Spórt (Guide)

Get ready to confidently talk about your active side during the Leaving Cert Irish Oral! Whether you're a player, a spectator, or both, this guide provides essential vocabulary, practice tips, and everything you need to ace the "Spórt" topic.

Watch Our Spórt Guide!

Want to see how to ace the Spórt section in the Leaving Cert Irish oral Exam? Check out our dedicated video guide!

Key "Spórt" Vocabulary

Popular Sports

  • Peil (Soccer)

  • Iománaíocht (Hurling) / Camógaíocht (Camogie)

  • Rugbaí (Rugby)

  • Cispheil (Basketball)

  • Dornálaíocht (Boxing)


  • Ag imirt... (Playing...)

  • Ag féachaint ar... (Watching...)

  • Ag rith (Running)

  • Ag snámh (Swimming)


  • "Is breá liom..." (I love...)

  • "Is maith liom..." (I like...)

  • "Ní thaitníonn... liom" (I don't enjoy...)

Example Phrases

  • "Is peileadóir maith mé agus imrím le mo chlub áitiúil." (I'm a good soccer player and play with my local club.)

  • "Is breá liom ag féachaint ar chluichí peile, go háirithe cluichí idirnáisiúnta." (I love watching soccer matches, especially international games.)

  • "Téim ag rith trí huaire sa tseachtain chun mo chuid sláinte a choinneáil." (I go running three times a week to keep fit.)

Practice Tips & Tricks

  • Know Your Favorite Sport: Be ready to describe the rules, equipment, and why you enjoy it in Irish.

  • Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn the names of other sports - even if you don't participate - to broaden your conversational skills.

  • Think Like a Commentator: Practice describing actions like "ag scóráil" (scoring), "ag rith" (running), "ag pasáil an liathróid" (passing the ball)

  • Anticipate Questions: Questions like "Cé chomh minic a..." (How often...) or "Cén fáth a..." (Why...) are likely. Prepare your answers!

Checklist for Success

1. Reflect on Your Sports Experience

Start by reflecting on your personal sports journey. Whether you're an avid player, a passionate spectator, or someone who enjoys a casual game, think about how sports have influenced your life. Consider moments of triumph, challenge, and growth.

2. Research and Vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary to include sports-related terms, phrases, and expressions in Irish. Research the history and significance of traditional Irish sports like Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie, as well as other sports you're interested in. Being able to discuss sports comprehensively will impress your examiner.

3. Practice Narratives

Develop a few narratives about your sports experiences. These could be about a significant match, a moment of personal achievement, or how being part of a team has impacted you. Practice telling these stories, focusing on expressing emotions and using descriptive language to bring your experiences to life.

4. Understand Cultural Significance

Be prepared to discuss how sports contribute to Irish culture and community spirit. Understanding and expressing the cultural dimensions of sports can add depth to your presentation and resonate well with the examiners.

During the Exam

- Be Enthusiastic and Authentic

Your passion for sports can be infectious. Speak about your experiences and opinions on sports with enthusiasm and authenticity. This genuine interest can enhance your presentation and engage your examiner.

- Use Descriptive Language

Utilize the rich vocabulary you've developed to describe your sports activities vividly. The more descriptive and expressive you are, the more engaging your presentation will be.

- Engage with the Examiner

The Irish Oral exam is interactive, so be prepared for the examiner to ask questions about your sports experiences. Engage with these questions thoughtfully, providing detailed responses that showcase your language skills and sports knowledge.

- Stay Calm and Confident

It's natural to feel nervous, but remember, this is your chance to talk about something you love. Stay calm, and speak confidently about your sports experiences and their significance.

You've Got This!

The "Spórt" segment of the Leaving Cert Irish Oral exam is an excellent opportunity to combine your passion for sports with your language skills. By preparing thoroughly, practicing your narratives, and engaging authentically with the topic, you can excel in this segment. Remember, "Spórt" is not just about showcasing your athletic interests but also about illustrating your ability to communicate effectively in Irish, demonstrating cultural awareness, and sharing personal stories that define you. Good luck, or as we say in Irish, "Ádh mór ort!"

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