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Leaving Cert Irish Oral - Scannán (Guide)

Get ready to impress the Leaving Cert Irish Oral examiner with your cinema knowledge! Whether you're a movie buff or just enjoy a good story, this guide will equip you with the vocabulary and tips to confidently discuss "Scannán" (Film).

Watch Our Scannán Video Guide!

Get the perfect prep for your Leaving Cert Irish oral. Learn key vocabulary, practice describing movies, and get ready to shine.

Key "Scannán" Vocabulary

Types of Films:

  • Scannán grinn (Comedy)

  • Scannán uafáis (Horror)

  • Scannán gníomhaíochta (Action)

  • Scannán drámaíochta (Drama)

Cinema Actions:

  • Ag féachaint ar scannán (Watching a film)

  • Ag dul go dtí an pictiúrlann (Going to the cinema)


  • Is scannán iontach é... (It's a great film...)

  • Is breá liom an aisteoir sin... (I love that actor...)

  • Ní raibh an scannán sin go maith... (That film wasn't good...)

Example Phrases

  • "Is breá liom scannáin ghrinn agus is é 'Superbad' mo scannán is fearr liom." (I love comedy films and my favorite is 'Superbad')

  • "D'fhéach mé ar scannán nua le mo chairde ag an deireadh seachtaine." (I watched a new film with my friends last weekend.)

  • "B'fhearr liom an leabhar ná an scannán." (I preferred the book to the film.)

Practice Tips

  • Choose a Favorite: Pick a film you know well – its plot, key characters, and why you enjoyed it.

  • Expand Your Genre Knowledge: Learn the Irish terms for a variety of film types, even if they aren't your favorite.

  • Describe the Storyline: Practice describing the plot in simple Irish. Focus on key actions and emotions.

  • Why You Like It: Prepare to explain what makes the film enjoyable for you – the acting, the story, etc.

Preparation Strategies:

To succeed in discussing Scannán during the oral exam, students should consider the following strategies:

  • Watch Irish Films: Start by familiarizing yourself with a selection of Irish films across different genres and periods. Take note of key themes, characters, and stylistic elements. This firsthand exposure will provide valuable insights for discussions during the exam.

  • Research Directors and Actors: Learn about prominent Irish directors, actors, and filmmakers. Understand their contributions to Irish cinema and the recurring themes in their work. This knowledge will enrich your analysis and demonstrate a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Practice Analysis: Practice analyzing film scenes or excerpts, focusing on elements such as cinematography, dialogue, and symbolism. Consider the director's intentions and how these elements contribute to the overall narrative and themes. Engage in discussions or write analytical essays to refine your critical thinking skills.

  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with current developments and trends in Irish cinema. Follow film festivals, awards ceremonies, and industry news to broaden your understanding of the contemporary film landscape. This knowledge will enable you to discuss recent releases and emerging talent during the exam.

  • Discuss with Peers: Organize study groups or discussions with classmates to exchange insights and perspectives on Irish films. Engaging in collaborative learning can deepen your understanding of the subject while providing opportunities for constructive feedback and reinforcement.

Sample Questions and Responses:

Here are some sample questions on Scannán along with potential responses:

Q: Cad is brí le scannán clasaiceach Éireannach, mar shampla "The Quiet Man"?

A: Is scannán clasaiceach í "The Quiet Man" a léiríonn stair agus cultúr na hÉireann. Tá sé suite in Éirinn agus léiríonn sé idéalachas agus bród na hÉireannach.

Q: Céard a dhéanann stíl scannán Éireannach éagsúil ó scannáin idirnáisiúnta?

A: Bíonn tóir ar scéalta áitiúla agus cultúir i scannáin Éireannacha, agus úsáidtear gairdíní náisiúnta agus radhairc éagsúla chun léiriú a thabhairt ar shaol na hÉireann.

Q: Cén scannán Éireannach is fearr leat agus cén fáth?

A: Is minic a bhíonn an-chuid meas agam ar scannán "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" mar léiríonn sé an dílseacht agus an díograis na ndaoine i gcoinne an ionsaithe agus an teannas polaitiúil.

You've Got This!

The Scannán segment of the Leaving Cert Irish Oral exam provides students with a platform to explore Ireland's cinematic heritage and contemporary film culture. By adopting effective preparation strategies, including watching Irish films, researching key figures, and practicing analysis, students can confidently discuss Scannán during the exam. Remember to stay informed, engage in discussions, and express your opinions articulately. With dedication and effort, mastering the Scannán component of the oral exam is attainable. Best of luck to all students embarking on their Leaving Cert journey!

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