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Leaving Cert Timetable 2023: Key Dates and Times for Irish Students

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The Leaving Certificate 2023 is a crucial and transformative period for Irish students, marking the end of secondary education and the beginning of higher education, vocational training, or the workplace. To ensure a successful and smooth transition, it is essential for students to be familiar with the Leaving Certificate timetable 2023, including the key dates and times of exams, results, and other important events.

Understanding the Leaving Certificate Exam Timetable

The Leaving Certificate 2023 timetable is released by the Department of Education, and it is available on the official website or through your school. The timetable includes the dates, times, and venues of all exams, as well as the subjects, codes, and duration of each exam. Students are advised to check the timetable carefully, and to make note of any changes or updates that may occur during the year.

Key Dates and Times of the Leaving Certificate Exams 2023

The 2023 Leaving Certificate exams usually take place in June, with the exception of some practical subjects, such as Music, Art, and Technology, which may take place earlier in the year.

The exact dates and times of the exams will depend on the subject and the venue, so students should check the timetable carefully.

Preparing for the Leaving Certificate 2023 Exams

To prepare for the Leaving Certificate 2023 exams, students should attend all classes, complete all assignments, and revise regularly throughout the year. It is also important to establish a study schedule that allows for sufficient time to revise all subjects, as well as to take breaks and rest.

Students are advised to seek support from their teachers, parents, or friends, and to make use of any available resources, such as textbooks, study guides, and online materials.

Results and Certification of the Leaving Certificate

The results of the Leaving Certificate 2023 exams are usually released in mid-August, and students will receive a statement of results, which includes the grades for each subject.

The results of the Leaving Certificate is a formal record of the student's achievements, including the subjects, grades, and any awards or achievements. The certificate is an important document that is required for many purposes, including higher education, vocational training, and employment.


The Leaving Certificate timetable 2023 is a crucial and complex period for Irish students, and it is essential for students to be familiar with the key dates and times of exams, results, and other important events.

By understanding the Leaving Certificate timetable 2023 and preparing effectively, students can ensure a successful and smooth transition to the next stage of their education or career. We hope this guide has been helpful and informative, and we wish every student the best of luck in their Leaving Certificate exams.

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