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Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile: Understanding the Irish Language Curriculum for Leaving Cert Students

Updated: Dec 12, 2023


The Leaving Certificate (Leaving Cert) is an important milestone in the academic journey of students in Ireland. It is also a crucial step towards shaping their future careers. One of the subjects that students can choose to study in the Leaving Cert is Irish. The Irish language curriculum, "Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile," provides a comprehensive understanding of the Irish language and culture, preparing students for the challenges ahead.

Overview of Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile is a structured curriculum that is designed to help students develop a deep understanding of the Irish language. The curriculum covers a range of language skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It also includes cultural and historical aspects of the language and its use in various settings. This comprehensive curriculum ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills to use Irish in real-life situations.

Key Topics Covered in the Curriculum

The Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to students' lives. Some of the key topics covered in the curriculum include:

  • Conversational Irish

  • Irish literature and culture

  • Irish language history and its development

  • Irish language in the media

  • Irish language in the modern world

  • Irish language in the workplace

Importance of Studying Irish

The study of the Irish language is not just limited to its use in Ireland. Irish is an important part of the country's cultural heritage and is an official language of the European Union. Additionally, the study of Irish provides students with a valuable opportunity to improve their language skills and to gain a deeper understanding of the language and its cultural significance.

Career Opportunities for Irish Speakers

For students who choose to study Irish in the Leaving Cert, there are several career opportunities that are open to them. Some of the careers that students can pursue include:

  • Irish language teacher

  • Irish language media professional

  • Irish language translator or interpreter

  • Irish language tour guide

  • Irish language cultural analyst


In conclusion, Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile provides a comprehensive understanding of the Irish language and culture, preparing students for the challenges ahead. Studying Irish in the Leaving Cert provides students with valuable skills and opens up several career opportunities. Whether you are an Irish language enthusiast or simply looking to broaden your horizons, the study of Irish is a valuable investment in your future.

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