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Complete Home Economics: A Guide for Leaving Certificate Students

Updated: Mar 27, 2023


As a Leaving Certificate student, you may be wondering what Complete Home Economics is and how it relates to your final exams. Complete Home Economics is a subject that covers a range of topics, including nutrition, food science, and textile design and production. This guide will provide you with an overview of the Complete Home Economics course, including the topics covered and how to prepare for your exams.

Understanding the Complete Home Economics Course

The Complete Home Economics course covers a range of topics, including nutrition and health, food science, and textile design and production. Additionally, you'll also learn about the principles of design, color theory, and fabric selection, as well as the use of different techniques and tools for textile production.

Preparing for the Theoretical Exam

To prepare for the theoretical exam, you should focus on understanding the main concepts and principles covered in the course. This includes studying the principles of nutrition and health, as well as understanding the science behind food preparation and preservation. Additionally, you can use past papers and sample exams to practice and familiarize yourself with the format of the exam.

Preparing for the Practical Exam

To prepare for the practical exam, you should focus on developing your skills and techniques in textile design and production. This involves regularly practicing different textile production techniques and using tools, as well as working on projects that demonstrate your understanding of design principles and color theory. Additionally, you should also practice safety precautions when working with textile materials and equipment.

What is the purpose of studying Home Economics for Leaving Cert students?

Home Economics aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for managing a household and caring for a family. It covers topics such as nutrition, cooking, food science, budgeting, and textiles and clothing, all of which are relevant to everyday life.

Can you give an overview of the major topics covered in Leaving Cert Home Economics?

In Leaving Cert Home Economics, students study a range of topics designed to help them lead independent and fulfilling lives. These topics include:

  • Food and nutrition: Understanding the science behind healthy eating and how to plan, prepare and cook nutritious meals.

  • Food science and technology: Exploring the processes and principles of food preservation, storage, and preparation.

  • Home management: Learning about household budgeting, cleaning and laundry, and home safety.

  • Family and social relationships: Examining the role and responsibilities of family members and how to maintain healthy relationships.

  • Textiles and clothing: Studying the principles of fabric selection, design, and construction of clothing.


The Complete Home Economics course is an important part of your final exams, and by understanding the course and preparing for both the theoretical and practical exams, you'll be able to achieve the best possible results. Remember to focus on understanding the main concepts and principles, as well as regularly practicing your skills and techniques, and you'll be well on your way to success.

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