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Sraith Pictiúr 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The Sraith Pictiúr is a section of the Irish oral exam for the leaving cert. This section tests a student’s storytelling, comprehension, and vocabulary. There are 20 Sraith Pictiúr, each of which consists of a series of images, similar to a comic book, that students must tell the story of and answer questions about.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the Sraith Pictiúr for 2023, along with some tips and tricks that can help you ace this section of the exam.

The 20 Sraith Pictiúr for 2023

Here are the 20 Sraith Pictiúr titles for 2023 Leaving Certificate Exam:

  1. Lá Spraoi san Ardchathair

  2. Na Déagóirí Cróga

  3. Rialacha na Scoile

  4. Mo Cheol Thú! Mo Cheol Sibh

  5. An Ghaeilge - Seoid Luachmhar agus cuid dár gCultúr

  6. Ná húsáid an Cárta Creidmheasa gan Chead

  7. Fadhbanna ar Saoire

  8. An Fhoireann ag Cruthú go hIontach

  9. Sláinte na nÓg-Seachtain na Sláinte

  10. Filleann an Fón

  11. Turas Scoile

  12. Obair Dhian: Torthaí Maithe san Ardteistiméireacht

  13. Drochaimsir an Gheimhridh-Athrú Aeráide

  14. Timpiste sa Choláiste Samhraidh

  15. Bua sa Chomórtas Díospóireachta

  16. Ag Campáil Cois Farraige

  17. Comhoibriú an Phobail

  18. Gadaíocht ar an Traein

  19. Breoite ar Scoil

  20. Teip sa Scrúdú Tiomána

You can view each of the Sraith Pictiúr online to prepare yourself for the exam. You should be very comfortable talking about the topics that come up on each story, and you’ll need to know the vocab and correct tenses when describing the stories depicted in the Sraith Pictiúr.

How the Sraith Pictiúr 2023 Question Works

When the Sraith Pictiúr questions come up in your oral exam, the examiner will usually place the 20 different options printed onto paper and face down on a table. The student will then select one at random, and this Sraith Pictiúr is the one that they will need to describe.

Since you can’t know in advance which one will come up for your oral exams, you will need to be equally prepared to answer every Sraith Pictiúr.

How to Prepare for the Sraith Pictiúr 2023

Now that you are familiar with how the Sraith Pictiúr works, it's worthwhile discussing how best to prepare for the tests. See below for some top tips and tricks to acing your Sraith Pictiúr 2023.

Create Your Story for Each Sraith Pictiúr

The Sraith Pictiúr questions require you to tell the story depicted in the images. Therefore, it makes sense to go through each Sraith Pictiúr and create your own story for each one. This will make remembering the story easier and more tailored to the vocab you are familiar with.

Vocabulary and Tenses

One of the primary purposes of the Sraith Pictiúr is to test a student’s vocabulary and tense usage when telling a story. As a result, the Sraith Pictiúr often includes opportunities to use expressions and phrases to earn bonus marks.

Also, many students lose marks when making mistakes swapping between tenses in a story, so pay extra attention to this during your studies.

Audio and Video Aids

One of the best ways to study for your Sraith Pictiúr is to make use of the audio and video aids released by the Department of Education. These resources are free to access and include a bunch of helpful examples and vocabulary.

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