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Navigating Prepositions in Irish: A Comprehensive Guide for Leaving Cert Students

Updated: Feb 17

Prepositions are an essential part of any language, and this is no exception in Irish. Understanding the correct usage of prepositions is crucial for Leaving Cert students studying the Irish language. In this blog, we will explore the different types of prepositions in Irish and their usage, so you can navigate them with ease.

1. What are Prepositions in Irish?

In Irish, prepositions are words that indicate the relationship between two things in a sentence. They can show direction, location, time, or the manner in which something is done. There are many different types of prepositions in Irish, and understanding their usage is crucial for writing and speaking the language correctly.

2. Basic Prepositions in Irish

The most basic prepositions in Irish include ag (at), le (with), as (from), ar (on), and faoi (under). These prepositions are essential for understanding basic sentence structure in Irish and are used frequently in everyday speech.

3. Compound Prepositions in Irish

Compound prepositions are made up of two or more words and are commonly used in the Irish language. These include i lár (in the middle of), ar feadh (for), and thar barr (above). Understanding these compound prepositions is crucial for constructing more complex sentences in Irish.

4. Prepositions of Place and Direction

Prepositions of place and direction are essential for describing the location of people or things in a sentence. These include words like i (in), ar (on), and thart ar (around). It is important to use the correct preposition for the situation to avoid confusion in your communication.

5. Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time are essential for describing when an action takes place in Irish. These include words like ar feadh (for), ó (since), and roimh (before). Using the correct preposition of time is essential for communicating time-related information correctly.


In conclusion, prepositions are an essential part of any language, and understanding the correct usage of prepositions in Irish is crucial for Leaving Cert students studying the language. From basic prepositions to compound prepositions, and prepositions of place and direction to prepositions of time, understanding the different types of prepositions in Irish is crucial for constructing correct sentences and communicating effectively. With this comprehensive guide, you can navigate prepositions in Irish with ease and confidence, allowing you to excel in your Irish language studies.

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