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Leaving Cert Irish Oral - Teicneolaíocht (Guide)

The "Teicneolaíocht" (Technology) section of the Leaving Cert Irish Oral is your chance to showcase your understanding of the digital world. This guide provides essential vocabulary, example phrases, and practice tips to help you confidently discuss your favorite tech topics.

Watch Our Teicneolaíocht Video Guide!

Need extra help visualizing how to discuss technology confidently in Irish? Our Teicneolaíocht video guide walks you through everything you need to know!

Key "Teicneolaíocht" Vocabulary


  • Fón póca (Smartphone)

  • Ríomhaire (Computer)

  • Tablet (Tablet)

  • Teilifís (Television)

Social Media:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • TikTok


  • Is breá liom... (I love...)

  • Tá sé an-úsáideach... (It's very useful...)

  • Ní maith liom... (I don't like...)

Example Phrases

  • "Úsáidim mo fón póca gach lá chun glaonna a dhéanamh, teachtaireachtaí a chur, agus grianghraif a ghlacadh." (I use my smartphone every day to make calls, send messages, and take photos.)

  • "Tá Facebook agam agus úsáidim é chun dul i dteagmháil le mo chairde agus mo chlann." (I have Facebook and I use it to keep in touch with my friends and family.)

  • "Is maith liom cluichí a imirt ar mo ríomhaire saor ó scoil." (I like playing games on my computer in my free time.)

Practice Tips

  • Choose Your Tech Topics: Select a few technologies you're familiar with to discuss in detail.

  • Prepare Example Phrases: Write down sentences describing how you use specific technologies.

  • Practice Answering Questions: Think of likely questions like "What apps do you use?" or "What are the benefits of...?" and prepare your answers.

  • Be Opinionated: Share your honest opinions on the technologies you discuss to make your conversation engaging.

Preparation Strategies:

To excel in discussing Teicneolaíocht during the oral exam, students should adopt several strategies:

  • Vocabulary Expansion: Build a robust vocabulary related to technology. This includes terms for different devices, software, social media platforms, and technological concepts. Flashcards or digital apps can aid in memorization.

  • Practice Speaking: Regular speaking practice is essential. Engage in conversations with classmates, teachers, or language exchange partners about technology-related topics. Focus on articulating your thoughts clearly and fluently.

  • Research and Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with current events and technological trends. Follow reputable news sources, blogs, or podcasts covering technology topics. This will provide valuable content for discussions during the exam.

  • Develop Opinions: Formulate opinions on various aspects of technology, considering both positive and negative impacts. Practice expressing these opinions coherently, supporting them with relevant examples or evidence.

  • Mock Interviews: Simulate the oral exam experience by participating in mock interviews. Ask a teacher or classmate to role-play as the examiner, posing questions on Teicneolaíocht. This will help alleviate nervousness and improve confidence.

Sample Questions and Responses:

Here are some sample questions on Teicneolaíocht along with potential responses:

Q: Cad é do thuairim ar úsáid na meáin shóisialta ag daoine óga?

A: Creidim go bhfuil tionchar lárnach ag na meáin shóisialta ar shaol na n-óg. Bíonn sé furasta cumarsáid a dhéanamh le daoine eile ar fud an domhain, ach is féidir go gcuirfidh sé isteach ar theifigh ar an nóiméad céanna.

Q: Céard is fearr leat faoi úsáid na teicneolaíochta sa todhchaí?

A: Táim ag smaoineamh go bhfuil forbairtí sainiúla i réimse na leighis agus na teicneolaíochta leighis, mar shampla teicneolaíocht taighde leighis agus feistis clárúcháin a chabhraíonn le cóireáil a dhéanamh ar ghalaranna.

Q: An bhfuil impleachtaí timpeallachta ag baint le forbairtí teicneolaíochta?

A: Cinnte, tá impleachtaí timpeallachta lárnach ag baint le forbairtí teicneolaíochta. Mar shampla, tá castacht tromchúiseach ag teicneolaíocht agus foinsi fuinnimh atá neamh-inbhuanaithe.

You've Got This!

The Teicneolaíocht segment of the Leaving Cert Irish Oral exam offers students the opportunity to showcase their language skills while discussing contemporary issues. By employing effective preparation strategies, expanding their vocabulary, and engaging in regular practice, students can approach this topic with confidence. Remember to stay informed, develop opinions, and articulate your thoughts clearly during the exam. With dedication and effort, mastering the Teicneolaíocht component of the oral exam is within reach. Best of luck to all students preparing for their Leaving Cert exams!

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