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Geography CBA 1 Examples

Geography in the news is the topic of discussion for the Junior Cycle geography CBA 1. For this assessment, you need to discuss a geography topic that often comes up in the news. However, selecting what to do can be a pain. To make your life easier, check out these ideas for a geography CBA 1:

Geography CBA 1 Examples

1 Wild Fire in Australia

I’m sure you are very aware of the Australian wildfires that start every year. Unfortunately, these wildfires are progressively getting worse and continue to cause massive harm to our world. The Australian fires have a particular impact on native wildlife and plants.

Wildfires in Australia destroy important farmland and disrupt food supplies, they also cause people to need to move to new homes, and they can accelerate the rate of global warming. There has also been heavy criticism of the Australian government for failing to act on preventing these wildfires from happening again. Suggesting how to reduce the risk of wildfires in arid continents like Australia is a great way of adding some extra marks to bump up your grade.

2 Volcanic Eruption in Tonga

In January 2022, a massive volcanic eruption occurred on the pacific island of Tonga. This enormous eruption pumped miles of ash into the air and caused a tidal wave that devastated nearby islands.

Your CBA 1 can focus on the impact of these eruptions and how a small country like Tonga could protect itself against future eruptions. You can even discuss how rising sea levels can make tidal waves more harmful in small pacific islands.

You should also analyze the size and scale of the eruption, with comparisons to other infamous eruptions that have caused major harm in the past.

Geography CBA 1 Examples

3 Flash Flooding in Nepal

Nepal is a country that is frequently hit by flash floods. Flash flooding occurs when a large amount of rainwater or ice water suddenly hits an area, and collects into an inland flood that devastates communities.

This CBA 1 can explore the causes of flash flooding in Nepal, like melting glaciers in the Himalayas and increased water flow during the wet season. In addition, you can speculate on whether these floods will get worse and report on the loss of life and the cost of repairs attributed to flash flooding in Nepal.

This topic allows you to discuss climate change and how our actions can cause untold harm to some of the most vulnerable people in our world.

4 Freezing Temperatures Impacting Travel

In December of 2022, the temperatures dropped around Ireland to below-freezing levels. This caused massive disruptions to travel, with rail, air, and road travel all disrupted by the change in weather. You could research the number of travel disruptions in Ireland due to cold weather during this period.

You can also compare the weather for this period with how it was historically. This analysis can then be used to assess whether the weather is getting colder and whether the Irish government should have been prepared for cold weather disruptions.

You can then recommend preventing these disruptions from occurring again in the future.

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