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Best Junior Cert Woodwork Project Ideas

Updated: Feb 17

The Junior Cert woodwork project is a major part of your overall grades for the exam. However, deciding what you will do for the exam can take a lot of work. To make this easier, check out the following project ideas to inspire you for your project.

junior cert woodwork projects

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great woodwork project for your leaving certificate, as it allows you to showcase various skills and techniques for attaching wood. Coffee tables also need to be aesthetically pleasing and durable. You can even include a sheet of glass in your design to showcase your ability to work with different materials. You can even get creative and design patterns, ideas, or logos into your coffee table to get extra marks.

A stylish wooden chair may be a little too simple for higher-level students chasing top marks, although if you masterfully create a sturdy and beautiful chair, it could still score many points. One of the benefits of choosing this as a project is the opportunity for creativity. You can even include different designs and patterns on the legs or armrests. You can also showcase your abilities when working with multiple types of wood. For example, a nice wooden chair also requires a good finish.

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a slightly complicated but achievable woodwork project for leaving certificate students. To do this project, you’ll need to make top, bottom, back, and side pieces for the drawer. Then you’ll need to make the shelves and ensure everything is properly aligned. You can work with different types of wood and use other joints and materials, such as metal, to pull the piece together.


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. For example, a wooden clock face with working hands is an excellent way of creating a stylish project with functionality. However, if you want to get good grades on the exam, you will need to bring something extra in your design. You could include a glass cover over the clock face or make an artistic clock face with holes and designs carved into it.

A Dog Kennel

A dog kennel with a working door that your dog could open would make a great leaving certificate project. Of course, the kennel needs to be appropriately sized and made from durable materials, and the finished project should look aesthetically pleasing.

You can also get creative and include features that a dog would love, like fittings for food and water bowls installed in the kennel.

Model of a House Roof

Leaving cert woodwork also includes construction studies. So, why not put the construction information you learned to good use by creating a model of the roof of a house? To do this, you will need to make the wooden frame, including the various layers of waterproofing and shingles, and insulation to pull the piece together.

This project requires a lot of attention to detail but will surely score you a high grade on your exam.

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