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The Importance of 'As Gaeilge' in Irish Education: An Overview for Leaving Cert Students

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The Significance of Learning Irish as a First Language

  • In Ireland, the Irish language, also known as Gaeilge, holds a significant cultural and historical value.

  • As a first language, it is an essential aspect of the Irish identity and culture.

  • Learning Irish as a first language also allows students to better understand and appreciate the literature, history, and culture of Ireland.

The Benefits of Speaking Irish in Today's World

  • Despite the decline in the number of Irish speakers in recent years, the Irish language is still widely spoken and valued in Ireland and in the Irish diaspora.

  • Speaking Irish fluently can open up career opportunities, particularly in fields such as education, media, and government.

  • Additionally, speaking Irish can also enhance one's cognitive development, improve memory and concentration and enhance multitasking abilities.

The Role of Irish in the Leaving Cert Examination

  • Irish is a compulsory subject in the Leaving Cert examination, which is a crucial part of the Irish education system.

  • The examination tests students' proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Irish.

  • Achieving a high grade in Irish can be beneficial for students seeking to attend Irish universities and for their future careers.

Tips and Resources for Learning Irish as Gaeilge

  • Consistent practice and immersion in the language is key to becoming proficient in Irish.

  • Utilizing resources such as Irish language classes, language exchange programs, and Irish language media can greatly aid in language learning.

  • In addition, students can use online resources like Duolingo, Bitesize Irish, and An Gúm Irish language books to improve their Irish language skills.

In conclusion, the Irish language, or 'As Gaeilge,' holds a significant cultural and historical value in Ireland. It is an essential aspect of the Irish identity and culture. It also provides numerous benefits for those who speak it fluently, including career opportunities and cognitive development. As a Leaving Cert student, it is important to take the Irish language examination seriously and to utilize all available resources to improve your proficiency in the language.

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