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Online tutors for a range of budgets

Once personally interviewed and onboarded, our tutors set their own prices based on their experience. Here’s roughly what you can expect:


Features that Improve Your Score  →

PrepScholar is way more than just a set of questions and video lessons. Our program customizes your learning to your strengths and weaknesses. With PrepScholar, you'll make more progress in less time than with any other program.


Our smart diagnostic figures out your true skill level and builds a custom prep program that caters to your difficulty level. You'll make the fastest progress.


We give you exact step-by-step instructions on what to study: which lessons to take, when to take practice tests, and how to review your mistakes.

Clear Guidance:


With weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback, we motivate you to make more progress. You'll study more with PrepScholar than with any other program.


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Do you want to know more about how our tuition programmes work, or you have a support query? You've come to the right place

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The Princeton Review's Private Tutoring
is the BEST choice for students who...


Need personalized help

Your tutor will create customized
prea plan that will you met
your goals


Want a Flexible Prop

Planning take your exam in the next 2
macht we will make sure you


Want guaranteed results

Our exportators will help you
increase your SAT scam, guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click on each question below to read answers to our most commonly asked questions. Don't see your questihere? Contact Us.

  • How does the weekly grinds work?
    Step 1: Book a Session: Simply reserve your grind on this page. You'll then receive a Zoom invitation through email. Step 2: Attend Your Lesson: Join the weekly Zoom call for your one-hour session. Just bring a pen and paper.
  • How much does a class cost?
    The cost of each weekly class is €10. We aim to match you with a tutor that suits your needs. There are no additional fees.
  • Why should my child get online grinds?
    We’ve seen time and time again that tuition gives students better grades, subject-knowledge and even career opportunities. So now this option is fully available to you at a much more flexible rate, it’s silly not to make the most of it. Our students come from all walks of life — but all of them get exactly the same attention to improve their education.
  • What subjects and ages do you cover?
    We offer lessons in pretty much every subject on the Irish school curriculum. Our lessons are offered to students from Junior Certificate to Leaving Certificate.
  • When can I start lessons?
    You can start immediately! Just book a class using the calendar available on this page.

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Once Remember, if you have any trouble or need any assistance, we're here to help!

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020 3950 0320

Handpicked tutors from £20/hour

We're very (very) picky about who we let tutor on our platform - just 1 in 8 who apply make the cut. They're experts in over 30 subjects from KS2 up to GCSE and A Level. Because they're from UK unis, they studied (and aced) the same courses as your teen in the last few years. So they explain tricky concepts in a way teens understand - and they double as cool older role models.

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